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By David Wilkerson
March 21, 1986

[editor's note: We've included this message to help give a historical perspective on how God was using David in the mid 1980's, and to help show the transition from the Crusade ministry to the present day Times Square Ministry. Please keep in mind that some of the information included in this message was originally intended to update David Wilkerson's Crusade supporters, and as the ministry has changed, some of the information will not be current. This information stands as a testimony of God's leading and provision. ]

Dear Friends in Christ:

This is a special report we are sending to all our mailing list friends and readers, to keep you well informed about what is happening in our ministry and to present and answer important questions.

Since we are physically unable to answer every letter we receive personally, we hope in this report to answer some of the questions most frequently asked of us. Numbers of readers have requested more information about our various ministries. I believe our readers and supporters deserve to know as much as possible about who we are, how we live, and what we are doing for the Lord. This is not gossip, but simply a newsy letter to inform you and to answer some questions you may have. I can't cover all the questions, but I can give you as much information as possible in this format.


"I tried to get our pastor to read your book, SET THE TRUMPET TO THY MOUTH. He refused, and the reason he gave is that you don't practice what you preach. He said he knew for a fact you live in a very expensive house, drive expensive cars, and have a collection of antique cars. Is this true? I am not condemning, just asking."


Your pastor is truly misinformed. I do think it's time for ministers who raise money for their ministries to tell the public the truth about their lifestyles. Gwen and I live in a modest three-bedroom house [pictured], without a swimming pool, on 2 acres of land. My personal office is above my garage - that is where I write my newsletters and books. I have no phone there, nor TV nor radio. It is my hiding place with the Lord.

Gwen drives a 1986 Honda Accord. I drive a Toyota Cressida. I have no collection of antique cars. I had two old cars which were given to ministries working with the poor. We have no stocks, nor bonds, nor investments, nor savings. We own our home and the Toyota. My salary is taken from the receipt of my own book sales from bookstores, and the rest is donated to the ministry On the "Trumpet" book, I did not make a single dollar. We are headed for one million distribution of that book - but it is sold near cost and no one is profiting from it.

We are not boasting, nor are we judging others who live better. God has been dealing with us to strip away all that is unneeded and to live modestly before all men. We have made some mistakes in this area in the past - but in recent years, God has helped us to become more of a testimony regarding lifestyle. Our goal is to keep cutting back until only what is necessary remains.

Gwen and I travel in a bus that was equipped as a motor home. We have a driver - and it is our home away from home when we travel. It is very comfortable - and was made possible by friends of our ministry.


"I heard you speak in our city and you told of your wife's battle with cancer and lupus. What is Gwen's present physical condition? Is she in total agreement with you in your ministry - especially in regards to prophecy?"


Gwen has been marvelously healed. Doctors now find no sign of cancer or lupus. Now that our children are grown, she travels with me at all times. After 34 years of marriage, it is sweeter and better each passing day. We have four married children and five grandsons and another grandchild on the way. Gwen has asked the Lord to give her at least one granddaughter.

Gwen spends as much as eight hours a day reading the many letters we receive from our readers. I often see her wipe away tears, reading about the elderly, the poor, the farmers losing their farms and going bankrupt. So many write saying, "I wish I could give something." Or, "Sorry my gift is so small." We hurt with these dear people. We are not out for their money - not at all!

A 19 year old saint wrote, "there is so little I can send that I am ashamed, and wait, hoping the next month will be better." Another wrote, "By the end of the month there is not enough to pay my bills - or to buy sufficient food. I eat as little as possible, hoping I can save enough to help some of the ministries so desperate, for help."

We take this time right now to tell the elderly - those on fixed and limited incomes - those who are burdened with financial problems - DON'T feel condemned about not being able to send money We love you all the more; we pray for you; and please let us continue to minister to you through our messages. Just pray for us! We count it a great joy to minister to you.

It is appalling that so many retired saints of God feel so pressured to send money to ministries begging for help. The precious elderly, with hardly enough money to buy food, are being harassed by ministries. We are all being hounded and harassed from all sides. One lady told me she tried to support 26 different ministries. This kind of injustice must stop! I beg of all the elderly, the needy the financially burdened - don't give emotionally. Pray about your giving! Don't give to beggars. Don't give to ministries that waste your gift on expensive buildings. And give to our ministry only as you are able - and as the Spirit leads you. And don't feel guilty because you can't help financially.

Gwen keeps reminding me, "David, please tell them not to fret about our needs, but to just pray for us.' If you receive an appeal from us, just pray that those who are able will respond - but don't worry about not being able to help. God always meets our needs. We pray about your needs, too.


Why do you ask for encouragement and letters when it is obvious you can't answer them all? Why don't you simply preach the truth, forget your critics and let God take care of the results? If you are preaching God's Word, won't He give you all the strength and support you need? Some of us are either afraid to write, or we doubt it will make a difference. Also, it might be dangerous to hear too many flattering words."


Every two years, we check our mailing list. If, in two years, people do not write or let us know they are being ministered to, we wonder if they want to continue with us. We don't consider money an issue in removing any from our mailing list. In fact, if readers write to us even once to tell us they are being helped, they will not be taken off our list, whether they send money or not.

We do not seek only for encouragement - even though that is most helpful, especially since we now have so many critics - but we do want to be good stewards of the money God entrusts to us. All we want to know is - do you want to continue receiving my messages? There is no sense in sending them to those who throw them away or won't even open them.

Thank God for so many who have written, telling us they are sorry they have not written before. We read all those letters. Those who have written will not be removed. Please know that even though we can't answer every letter personally your message gets through to us.

As for as our critics are concerned - I don't answer them. If there is constructive criticism, we take it to heart. Otherwise, it goes into the waste basket.

I doubt I will ever understand why preachers, especially some Assemblies of God preachers, write rebuking letters to me suggesting I am causing confusion in the body of Christ because of my strong messages. They tell me my books are bringing gloom and doom on the saints. I only wish they could read the thousands of letters pouring into our offices, telling of repentance and a turning to holiness that is happening around the nation. The books and messages have stirred hearts, convicted of sin, and brought repentance to multitudes.

That is why I don't answer any of our critics. I still love them all - and I pray for them daily. They really do not upset me at all.

The great majority who write to us are most encouraging. They love the truth and are not afraid of reproof or correction. Gwen gives me oral and written reports of what the people are writing. We feel the heartcry of the people. The letters help me so much in the preparation of my messages. It's a powerful thing to have input from so many people.

Believe it or not, many, many people are grieved over the way their churches are going. They say over and again, "Pray for our church, our pastor - there is no life! I am not being fed spiritually! Our pastor is not the man he used to be." The people in the pew are often further along in God than the pastors. So few can find a church that is alive and real.

It is getting very frightening to see how many churches and pastors are dying spiritually. It's becoming dead ritual - effeminate preaching that offends nobody - and a push for money that is turning thousands of Christians sour against the church. Men's big dreams are being financed by the poor and suffering. How it must sicken the heart of God!

But we also get wonderful letters from godly pastors, including Assemblies of God, who say to us, "We, too, cry for repentance. We feel the same as you do. Some of us are being persecuted for our stand for holiness. The crowds don't like reproof or correction. Your messages make us know we are not alone in this Last Day work!" I am most encouraged by these true men of God. They are few in number, but vital to God in these troubled times. I love every one of them - their spirit bears witness with mine. They are God-hungry humble servants.


"I read your book, THE CROSS AND THE SWITCHBLADE, years ago while in school. Where is Nicky Cruz and Israel - the two main characters in the book? Do you still preach in New York? What is your present ministry to street people?"


Nicky Cruz preaches to thousands in crusades all over the world. I talked to him this very week, and we are helping to sponsor him in a proposed trip to Russia in the near future. His meetings in Hungary touched thousands with Holy Ghost conviction. Israel is speaking in various churches and tells me he plans to enter Bible school for further training.

I preach on the streets of New York every summer. We are right now enlisting workers to go with us to the streets this summer. I love to minister to addicts, alcoholics and street people. We started Teen Challenge in New York City 28 years ago. That original center is still taking in a steady stream of drug abusers, alcoholics and other hopeless souls. There are now about 100 Teen Challenge centers In the U.S.A., and another hundred or more overseas, in nations around the world. Each center is autonomous and responsible for their own staff and funding. There are also farms, ranches, boys' and girls' homes,evangelism centers, and coffee houses worldwide.

On April 20, we will be in Budapest, Hungary [Lord willing], to dedicate a new drug and alcoholic center there - behind the Iron Curtain.

There is a better than 75% cure rate in these centers and thousands of addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes and gang members have been saved. Many are preaching today.


"Our pastor attended your first CALL TO REPENTANCE gathering in Dallas. He said it was a 'flop' and informed us you people are caught up in a delusion. Our church is in shock over his remarks. Can you tell us about what happened?"


Would to God we had more "flops" like these! Your pastor was one of the few who could not take the Holy Ghost pressure against sin and compromise. He walked the halls one afternoon - too troubled to sit through the preaching. The truth is - hundreds upon hundreds of pastors and their wives have been totally changed by these gatherings. Pastors have returned to their pulpits renewed and on fire for God. Revivals of repentance are breaking out like grass fires in many areas.

We have had some ministers resist the Word. A few we discerned were actually - demon possessed - so bound by lust, they could not accept the Word of repentance. A few came to simply spy out the land and judge us.

We are not getting "big-time" ministers in these gatherings. The busy, prosperous have no time. Instead, those who hurt, the burned-out, those unknown, some who feel like out-casts, many weary and broken, and those hungry for God are attending. But that is good, because my Bible tells me the holy remnant is made up of such [see Micah 4:6].

God is opening more "Repentance Gatherings" in the U.S. and Canada. We are going where God leads us - wherever there is a group of ministers who hunger like we do for a revival of holiness.

Perhaps God will raise up such a gathering in your area - if you get the burden and intercede for pastors.

Also, we are praying about calling lay Christians to such a gathering. Not just ministers and wives - but all people. We would like to hear from every person, or couple, reading this who would want to come to Dallas, Texas, for 3 nights and 2 days to hear God's Word on repentance and to seek God for a new heart! If there is enough interest - we will pray for a release of the Holy Spirit and make plans.

Finally - we preach repentance, not as an end in itself - but as a way to life. Peter called it, "Repentance that leads to life" (Acts 11:18). The Holy Spirit is calling a holy remnant out of the harlot church system; and they will walk in the fullness of Christ as a testimony, in the midst of confusion and ruin. Repentance is preparation for the entrance of the kingdom of heaven in the heart. So, like John the Baptist - and like Jesus - we cry out, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is come!"


"I heard an evangelist say you have changed your mind about some of the things you wrote in your "Trumpet" book. Especially about Babylon being America. Is this true - and if so, what changes have been made?"


If anything, I am even stronger in my convictions shared in SET THE TRUMPET TO THY MOUTH. I have not changed! I am lifting my voice louder than ever. Babylon is a theological term - representing both the corrupt ecclesiastical system and the aboininable, greedy industrial complex. I hate communism and socialism - I am a loyal American citizen. I love my country But the truth is, our multi-national corporations have polluted the whole world. Greed and money have become god.

Babylon is a harlot church. But it is also a harlot financial power - with potential to damn the world If America had kept true to its founding faith - if the church had kept its holy calling - if there had been enough bold shepherds to cry out against corruption - this harlot beast of greed could not have been birthed.

More than ever I am convinced that America is fast sinning away her day of grace. Preachers may hide their heads in the sands of false peace and security - but that will not stop the holocaust.

Hear this! God is going to turn away from America - England - and Christianized Europe - and turn to China and the nations behind the Iron Curtain!

God is going to provoke this sinful, materialistic, backslidden church and send a Holy Ghost outpouring on the third world and communist countries.

In China, a revival is rising in strength right now! It has been estimated there are now over 100 million Christians in China! God is moving by His Spirit in Poland; Hungary; in Kenya, Africa; in the Caribbean; in Mexico - and even in Russia. There is a prophecy in Isaiah that proves China, Eastern Europe and Africa will be visited by God - with masses awakened.

"Behold, these shall come from afar; and lo, these will come from the north and from the west, and these from the land of Sinim" (Isaiah 49:12).

Isaiah prophesied out of Israel. Poland, Hungry and other European communist nations are north. Africa is west! Sinim is Sino or China. Many Bible scholars agree on this. The Holy Spirit is now opening this truth.

God has instructed me to prophesy this message everywhere. God has promised He will Rather a holy people from every tribe, every nation every tongue - on earth. This includes Russia and China!

I believe God is indignant over the corruption in the American church! Now, He will provoke us by raising up a holy, primitive, New Testament church behind the Iron Curtain.

While this "Christian" nation plays with its toys - building resorts - preaching prosperity - grabbing for wealth and success - wasting away before idols - China will be shaken by the Spirit of God and Joel 2 will be fulfilled among a newly awakened people totally given to Christ and to purity - to love!

I will be sharing more of this prophecy in days to come. Pray for China! Pray for America - our time is almost gone! Unless there is a supernatural call to repentance and humbling of church leaders - a purifying of this evil system, we will be destroyed in one hour - while Chinese adn other third world Christians take the Gospel to what remains!


We covet your prayers! We will be ministering in Poland and Hungary the month of April. Pray for the fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy. Billy Graham had multitudes hear his message in Romnania - a communist country most difficult to reach.

We are asking the Lord to open doors for crusades in Russia and China. I believe the doors will open. But I think God will permit few American evangelists into these nations. God forbid that rich, high-flying prosperity preachers get in and spread the poison of American materialism. Pray that God will allow in only those who exalt Christ - only those who have broken hearts - and no promoters, no publicity seekers, no glory hounds!

This is one revival God will not let be spoiled by spoiled preachers or false doctrines. I am not suggesting we are the purest or even worthy of such an opening. It is only that, like so many other repentant Christians, we yearn for reality and the exaltation of Christ and His holiness.

To those who are able and have the means - we say to you, we need your support. We are going to these countries - to the streets - strictly with the help of our caring friends.

Thank you! We do welcome your letter and comments.

His bond - servant,

David Wilkerson

Used with permission granted by World Challenge, P. O. Box 260, Lindale, TX 75771, USA.

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