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The Mantle of Elijah

January 17, 2000

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Bible Study Questions

  1. In 2 Kings 2:8, we read that the waters of the Jordan were parted and Elijah and Elisha crossed over on dry ground. Where are there two more Biblical instances of waters being parted and the people passing over on dry ground? Please write them.

  2. Was it, in fact, Elijah's mantle that parted the water? If not, explain.

  3. What does Elijah's translation represent?

  4. Bethel means "house of God". Had Bethel maintained its spiritual heritage since Jacob was sacrificed there?

  5. Because the days in which we live are so evil and wicked, what does it take to be able to reach this lost generation?

  6. To what can the city of Jericho be compared?

  7. Into what snare has today's church fallen?

  8. Should we settle for past acts of God or look for a fresh anointing?

  9. Of what is the "parting of the waters" indicative in your life?

  10. What does the scripture, "Occupy till I come", mean to you?

  11. What do the poisoned waters of Jericho represent about the Word being preached in today's time?

  12. Explain how today's perverted word can be cleansed?

  13. Why was the deaths of the young men justified?

  14. What exactly does it mean to walk in the fear of the Lord?

  15. What is the meaning of the awful catastrophes taking place today? Knowing this, what should you be doing?

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