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Our God Can Fix Anything

February 14, 2000

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Bible Study Questions

  1. Is anything too hard for God?

  2. Do you believe anything is too hard for God?

  3. Do you believe anything is too hard for God in your personal situations?

  4. It is not enough to believe God is a God of the impossible unless you also believe He ______ to do the impossible in your life. If you don't believe this about Him, you don't trust Him at all.

  5. What is a symptom that you do not truly trust the Lord to do the impossible for you, that you have bought the devil's lie that God cannot fix your problem?
    (a) Reiterating your painful situation as a defense, saying to the counselor "You don't understand what I've been through."
    (b) Quitting because it is so difficult to endure
    (c) Holding onto unforgiveness, resentment, bitterness, hurt
    (d) All the above.

  6. What actions must you take in order to make your lives align with faith?

  7. List 5 scriptural examples given in this sermon where God did the impossible, where He fixed impossible situations.

  8. True or false: God can bring back to life anything you have given up as dead.

  9. What hindered faith in Mark 5:35 - 36?

  10. True or false: God's intent is to not only fix the difficult situation, but also the sin problem.

  11. Make a list of situations you feel are nearly impossible and give them to the Lord, and keep a journal for your prayer journey of faith until it's completed.

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