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Shall We Continue in Sin?

March 20, 2000

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Bible Study Questions

  1. How can anyone who calls himself a Christian knowingly continue in sin?

  2. Name the three steps that sins take in a person's life.

  3. Will the Holy Spirit force a person to be free from sin?

  4. What does God require of an individual so that freedom and deliverance will flow?

  5. What is the main reason we continue in sin?

  6. Define the "fear of God" as described in this sermon.

  7. Examine your Christian life in the light of the fear of the Lord. How do you measure up?

  8. Why do many Christians have no knowledge of the proper fear of God?

  9. What is the "precedent work of grace" referred to in this sermon? Have you experienced this work in your heart?

  10. True or false: The fear of God includes a full understanding of the danger and consequences of sin.

  11. How does God consider the hidden lusts and sins in Christians?

  12. True or false: The longer you continue in sin, the more you're in danger of hardening your heart.

  13. What does godly fear reveal?

  14. If you continue in sin, you will face the rod of God. Why?

  15. What are the steps to take after you recognize and admit your sins?

  16. If you continue in sin, you will also experience a constant drain of peace and strength? Why?

  17. If you continue in sin, you'll eventually lose your usefulness to God's kingdom. Why?

  18. What does it mean to walk in the fear of the Lord?

  19. List arenas where you need to examine your heart and your motives in the light of this sermon.

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