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A Time To Do Nothing - But Trust

June 12, 2000

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Bible Study Questions

  1. Have you ever begun a matter in a godly way only to eventually take it into your own hands and really get in trouble like King Saul?

  2. When was Saul's turning point? (See 1 Samuel 13.)

  3. What was the decision he had to make?

  4. What did Saul allow to influence him in his decision making?

  5. (True or false). If God gives a specific time for us to wait, we should wait.

  6. Do you think Samuel judged Saul harshly? Why or why not?

  7. God sees every detail of our crisis. What is his concern? Our crisis, or our obedience in that crisis?

  8. True or false. God has not given us a spirit of fear (2 Tim. 1:7) and He does not want us to act in fear during a crisis.

  9. Faith is __________(Hebrews. 11:1). This literally means you may not see what you hope for, you may not see the outcome when you are asked obey God's commands.

  10. Can you please God without faith?

  11. Proverbs 3:5-6 says __________ on your own understanding. What does that mean?

  12. Tell an example of when you had to trust the Lord in spite of your circumstances and what you learned in doing so.

  13. Fill in the blanks in this very powerful paragraph from the message "Unbelief is __________, its consequences __________. And we face dire consequences if we try to extricate ourselves from our trials instead of __________ God to see us __________ them. This is clear from Saul's life. From the moment Saul made his pivotal decision to take matters into his own hands, his life went __________. His unbelief opened the door to every kind of __________ in his heart.

  14. What are the steps toward ruin caused by unbelief?

  15. When all else fails, what must we do?

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