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Maintaining the Joy of the Lord

July 24, 2000

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Bible Study Questions

  1. Since "The joy of the Lord is your strength," how does one obtain the Lord's joy?

  2. What causes the beginning of spiritual death and the departing of the joy of the Lord?

  3. We all have heard the phrase, "the glory of the Lord came down." How may we experience this glorious happening?

  4. What one element causes people to weep and mourn over their sins?

  5. What was the Lord trying to accomplish at the water-gate revival in Jerusalem?

  6. How can there be joy in repentance?

  7. What causes a nation or individual to lose its merriment and gladness or mirth?

  8. What will holiness preaching accomplish in us?

  9. What will separating ourselves from the world achieve in us?

  10. Explain the difference between tithes and offerings. What does one lose through giving?

  11. How do we maintain the joy of the Lord?

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