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God's Vision For the Last-Day Church!

May 23, 1994

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Bible Study Questions

  1. So many churches today are so cold, weak and timid that the world scoffs at them. Why is this and what has led to this downfall?

  2. In your own words, point out the difference between the early church and the churches of today, explaining some of the factors that have weakened it to such a great extent.

  3. God always saves the best for last and has time and time again shown, through the Scriptures, that the last-day church is to be the very best. What then is lacking in our institutions of today?

  4. What is David Wilkerson's impression of the kind of church God is raising from the ashes of a floundering establishment?

  5. Preaching of the Gospel is not in words alone. Explain this with reference to Paul (Deuteronomy 29:19).

  6. Why do you think today is one of the most shameful chapters in the history of the church?

  7. Demonstrate in brief some of the ways that some preachers have perverted the religion of the living God and closed the eyes of so many.

  8. There is no need for showmanship and extravaganza while preaching the gospel. We must simply allow the power of God to work. His miracles are more than enough. Explain that with reference to Pauls healing of Eutychus in contrast to some Christian ministry of today.

  9. Quite often it takes a special miracle to win souls. Why do you suppose some of todays ministries distance themselves from miracles?

  10. In the last days, the confrontation between good and evil will no longer be a clash of words but of deeds. Just as Moses' reed swallowed up Pharaoh's snakes, God's mighty deeds in these last days will swallow up all the devil's dark deeds. Please explain.

  11. God's army will consist of Christians who do not live by bread alone. Please explain what this means.

  12. Why is it most important at this last hour to, above all, seek God and prepare the heart?

  13. Are you living in boredom and drudgery or are you preparing for the massive spiritual battle ahead? Please answer in light of this sermon and explain why you feel this way.

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