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"The Church Isn't Ready For Revival!"

February 20, 1995

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Bible Study Questions

  1. How many examples can you give from the Old Testament when God got so weary of blatant wickedness that He utterly destroyed the people and place?

  2. How much warning did He give the people to turn from sin and repent? What form did these warnings take?

  3. How would you compare modern America with Sodom, Shiloh, Noah's generation, and Jerusalem at the time of Christ?

  4. Pulpits across the country have been issuing similar warnings to the people of America for a long time now. Why is it that God's judgement hasn't fallen on this country yet?

  5. What does Isaiah 50:1-2 say about God's power to deliver?

  6. Are you overwhelmed by the darkness that you see around you? What does Isaiah 51:12-13 say about this?

  7. Does Isaiah 42:16 hold any promise for your future or are you limiting God by believing that His 'hand is shortened'?

  8. What is the actual meaning of "revival"? Have you seen any evidence of the stirrings of the Holy Spirit?

  9. Do you have your eyes on the darkness or do you believe that no darkness is a match for God's mercy and grace towards a sinner?

  10. In light of God's promise of "A Great Harvest", what should we be praying and believing God for?

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