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God Will Not Walk Out On You!

October 9, 1995

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Bible Study Questions

  1. To what did the young pastor resort in his anger and despair, and why?

  2. What should he have done instead?

  3. What was David Wilkersons response to the young pastor and why did he respond as he did?

  4. Why is Psalm 107 often called the Old Testament love feast?

  5. What did the Lord show David Wilkerson in a vision? What is the depth of our Heavenly Father's love for us?

  6. What are the four categories of believers in trouble? What does the Lord command each group?

  7. What should you do if you cannot find a church that provokes you to righteousness?

  8. If you have sinned against God, is all hope lost? Why not?

  9. How does our Heavenly Father view our foolishness? Where in Psalm 107 do you find this?

  10. In the midst of our storms, should we simply jump ship and cast the blame, or should we rather pray and then do our best to solve the impossible? If none of the above, what should we do and where does He show us this?

  11. What is God's promise to us in all things?

  12. How does Psalm 107 directly impact you?

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