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Distractions In The Holy Place!

October 30, 1995

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Bible Study Questions

  1. What did Jesus say about people who came into His presence mouthing words of praise but whose minds were far from Him?

  2. Whom was He addressing and what type of people were they?

  3. How do you understand Leviticus 10:3 and Ecclesiastes 5:2?

  4. What sin did Nadab and Abihu commit and what was their fate?

  5. How should this incident in the Old Testament be a lesson to us about what the Lord thinks about careless worship?

  6. What other incidents are there in the Bible to show that God does not take a casual worshipper lightly?

  7. How did the Puritans prepare for Sunday worship and how does this compare with some people today?

  8. In this day, God does not strike people dead physically, but what death does irreverance lead to? How?

  9. Have you ever taken part in a blatant mockery of a Sunday service? How do you think God views this kind of service? How do you see it?

  10. Why does the worship in so many services never get past the rafters?

  11. Where in the Bible does God Himself ask, "Would you behave this way in front of a human governor?" and "Would a human governor accept this kind of behavior?"

  12. Why is it that so many Christians come into the house of the Lord so half-heartedly?

  13. What are some of the reasons we can be very distracted in church? What should we do about these distractions?

  14. Have you experienced any subtle tricks that Satan uses to get your mind off God?

  15. What did God say to the people in Jeremiah 2:19-32? What were they guilty of at the time?

  16. Read what Hebrews 2:3 and Hebrews 10:19,22,23,25 says. If you were to test yourself according to Gods Word, how would you come out?

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