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Bible Study Discussion

The Snare Is Broken
Escape From All Satanic Traps!
(Dec. 11, 1995)

December 11, 1995

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Bible Study Questions

1. What was the name for professional bird-catchers in the days before firearms?

2. What does the Bible liken to a bird?

3. Who is the fowler spoken of in Psalm 124:7?

4. Why would anyone who calls himself a follower of Jesus allow himself to be used by the devil to trap and ensnare his brother or sister? List the two reasons given in the Bible.

5. Is this statement true or false: "No matter who tries to ensnare a devoted child of God - the devil, wicked people or Other Christians - it will not succeed!"

6. True or false: "No matter who lays the snare - the devil, wicked people or envious Christians - we cannot see the trap when we come upon it (Psalm 142:3)."

7. Into what trap(s) have you fallen? Was it an old habit - drugs, sex, alcohol, pornography, adultery, fornication? Was it lying, stealing, covetousness, credit-card debt, cheating in some fashion, disobedience?

8. How did the bird escape the snare?

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