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Bible Study Discussion

Bringing Christ Into Your Crisis!

January 1, 1996

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Bible Study Questions

1. How could a heathen king recognize the Son of God?

2. Whom do you know who is not facing a crisis or hasn't just come out of one?

3. What kind of crisis are you facing? Is it spiritual, financial, mental, physical? Is it in your marriage, your job, your business?

4. How can I can Jesus to come into my crisis as He did for the Hebrew men? How can I get Him to commit to my crisis? List three ways.

5. Why did Daniel go on a special fast?

6. Why did these four Hebrew men refuse to eat the king's food?

7. When God was ready to speak to the nation of Babylon and its people, whom did He choose to be His mouthpiece? Who became the Lord's voice - His untainted testimony to a doomed empire?

8. Why does the Lord require prayer for everything? Why is it He won't do anything except by prayer?

9. How can a you say you love Jesus when you neglect Him for days on end?

10. What will you do if you don't get your answer? Will you accuse God of failing you, of not loving you?

11. What do you think the three Hebrew men said to Jesus when He showed up in the furnace?

12. Are you able to say, "Lord, walk me home"?

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From: jjm "jjm@csionline.com"
Date: Thu, 14 Mar

I can testify to the truth of this teaching. Many times Christ does not take us out of the fire but walks us through! And just as Shadrach, Meshack and Abed-nego came through the fire without effect, not even the smell of fire upon them (Dan 3:27), I and two other friends can testify the same in three different circumstances.

I went through 13 years of marital difficulties. Many a time crying out to God to change my husband or to even take me home. But God in His infinite wisdom and love gently led me through the "fire," changing both my husband and I and giving us a contented, loving, respectful relationship, together serving the Lord in our local church.

My friend Arlene is the mother of 5 children. Six years ago found her beating down the doors of heaven in prayer for her husband's life. He has cancer. At the time things were grim - no money, the kids all under 10 years of age, living in a church building on Staten Island as her husband laid dying. It wasn't till she came to terms with God's Will that should He want her husband home that she gained peace. God has since blessed them with her husband's life. (He is still well. Praise God!) They now live here in South Jersey. Their lives are devoted to God and His Service. Just as the Israelites had to gather "manna" each day, she gathers the Word of God and blesses others!

My friend Laura went through the fire 3 years ago. Living in a gutted one-room house, with a difficult pregnancy, and a husband who lost his job, she too pounded the gates of heaven. She gave birth six weeks prematurely to a baby that not only had respiratory but heart problems as well - she in one state, the baby flown to another for intensive care. Eyes kept on Jesus, not at the waves, He saw her through!

Today her baby is a big, healthy 2 1/2-year-old of whom you never would guess the precarious beginnings. Her husband employed, her home being transformed little by little now a two bedroom home with just decorating to do. Always doing it God's Way and not the worlds!

The one effect that is that we know the power and the awesome love of our God. We know He is faithful. We know we can trust Him and will follow Him. Arlene was a breath of fresh air and has spurred many to serve wholeheartedly the Lord. She gave our church it's women's ministry, refreshed our evangelism committee and discipleship groups.

Laura heads our pre-junior church program and is a great inspiration and encouragement to young mothers, especially those in the home.

When you bring Christ into your crisis, He brings you closer to Him and gives you the privilege of serving Him more!!


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