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Bible Study Discussion

Are You Ready for the Coming Storm?

March 4, 1996

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Bible Study Questions

1. When the storm comes - when everything begins to spin out of control - how many Christians will be able to stand? How many will have the foundation of faith necessary to endure that time?

2. What does it mean, exactly, to "build a house"? (Matthew 7:27)

3. What is the one criterion of the person whose house is built on the Rock? What is the one question that he's concerned about?

4. What question does the law of love ask?

5. What brings great freedom in the life of a Christian?

6. Are you really in love with Jesus?

7. How can you go throughout the week without spending time in His Word?

8. How can you not yearn to get alone with Him in prayer?

9. How can you not have a time of love talk with your Father, praising and worshiping Him, seeking to learn what pleases Him?

10. What incredible promise does Jesus give us, based on the obedience of love?

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