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Bible Study Discussion

The Forgotten,
Lost Multitudes!

June 30, 1997

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Bible Study Questions

  1. TRUE or FALSE: Young people today have turned their fury against God and Christ. Their ultimate rebellion is to curse Christ and his church.

  2. What has caused this rebellion among youth?

  3. How long has it been since you wept for the lost?

  4. Do you still have the Lord's burden to reach the lost with the gospel?

  5. Are you able to work alongside your colleagues, greet your neighbors, talk to your unsaved family members -- and never once be concerned for their souls?

  6. Is your mind occupied with simply surviving -- providing for your family, protecting your children?

  7. Are you no longer burdened, witnessing, reaching out to the lost and dying world?

  8. What was Jesus' mission on earth? (Luke 19:10)

  9. With what words did Jesus make this our mission as well? (Mark 16:15)

  10. How can we possibly take the gospel to a world that so hated Jesus they killed him?

  11. How does our Lord expect us to go into all the world with the gospel, when we don't even have enough money to go to Jericho?

  12. How are we to learn languages, when we haven't been educated or equipped to do that?

  13. Does he really expect us to go to the heathen?

  14. What is it time for America to acknowledge?

  15. TRUE or FALSE: If you try to evangelize in your own strength, you'll fall on your face in a short time.

  16. What power will cause us to become fearless and enable us to stand up to kings, princes, governments and have authority over demons and principalities?

  17. The church got all of its direction from ____ _______ _________.

  18. TRUE or FALSE: Nothing happened until the disciples had shut themselves in with the Lord and fasted and prayed.

  19. How are we supposed to bring the good news to people with whom we aren't even allowed to associate?

  20. How did the Holy Spirit solve the prejudice problem overnight? (Acts 10)

  21. TRUE or FALSE: The only thing needed for you to go to the mission field is a need.

  22. TRUE or FALSE: Whenever you act without the Spirit's direction, the result is human folly.

  23. How can we find the Spirit's direction?

  24. TRUE or FALSE: It is always easy to move ahead in our own wisdom, with our own plans.

  25. TRUE or FALSE: No Christian should ever feel burdened to find new ways and means to reach lost souls.

  26. How can we find a burden for the lost and a strategy to reach the lost?

  27. Do you focus endlessly on your own needs?

  28. On what must our prayers be focused so we don't wind up praying only for our own prolems and forgetting about the world outside?

  29. Does something stir in your soul over the lost?

  30. Are you burdened for those in your circle of influence?

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Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998
Subject: jesus

Yeah. Sometimes...well, most of the time I spend trying to survive and I know Jesus wants me to be working for him, but I don't have the time to do HIS work and I know the time is short!!!!!

signed a4job
40year dad and husband
Joe Fox

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