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"Sacrifice Of Thanksgiving!"

July 21, 1997

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Bible Study Questions

  1. Why do followers of Christ have their faith tested and what does the Greek word temptation mean in this verse (1 Peter 1:6,7)?

  2. What kind of Christian is severely tested and what does this testing do in and for the believer?

  3. What are the fiery trials for?

  4. What is required of followers in these battles?

  5. During these tests and trials, what does the Lord promise to do as we trust in Him?

  6. What do you think is the result of impatience, and how do you think God deals with this? Can you think of an instance in your life when God tried to teach you patience?

  7. How do we behave if God doesn't answer immediatly or in the way we would like Him to?

  8. Does God honor the impatient heart?

  9. Does the Lord offer a way out of testing, and what limit does He set on how much we are tried (1 Corinthians 10:13.)?

  10. Why do you think the Israelites were tried over and over again? Has something similar ever happened to you - maybe for similar reasons?

  11. Are our trials different from those of other Christians down through the years (1 Corinthians 10:13)?

  12. What is the 'heart attitude' to have as we are tested?

  13. What is the cure for the spirit of heaviness?

  14. Read the story of what all had to be done on the 'Day Of Atonement' in the old Testament. According to Hebrews 13:15, what 'two goats' are we to bring into the Lord's courts?

  15. What did Jonah do when in 'the pit'? Can you see any parallel between that situation and one you may be in at the moment?

  16. When you are weighed down with sorrow and stress, how can you apply Phillipians 4:6, and what are some of the ways you think this could benefit you?

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