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"Guard Your Affection For Christ!"

November 3, 1997

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Bible Study Questions

  1. Give a short synopsis of Christ's actions in the first three chapters of Revelation.

  2. Which churches were mentioned, and were these actual congregations?

  3. Does Christ's message and admonishment to each of these churches have any bearing on modern day churches and their congregations?

  4. What were some of the good things that Jesus said about the Christians in Ephesus? Paul also commended them on several points...what were they?

  5. In spite of all their good points, why was Christ judging the church of Ephesus? Had they grieved Him in any way?

  6. Do you think it significant that, of all the sins attributed to the seven churches, the one that had lost their affection for Him was mentioned first?

  7. What was Jesus' warning to those who had lost their affection for Him?

  8. What words did David use to show his love for God?

  9. What are three signs that a person's love for Christ is dying? Do any of these apply to you?

  10. If so, what steps do you need to take to ensure that your "candlestick is not moved out of it's place"?

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