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The Heaviness of Sin!
The Message of Warning and Hope for Christians
Battling Hidden Sin

November 24, 1997

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Bible Study Questions

  1. When David knew that there was deception and wicked plans being plotted, why didn't he speak up or point out what was going on?
  2. What does "shall not prosper" mean in Proverbs 28:13?
  3. What does God's word say about anyone who tries to cover his sin? What will his life be like? (See Numbers 32:23 & Psalm 38:4)
  4. Even though David had committed adultery and murder, did God still love him? And did He chasten David during the year he covered his iniquity?
  5. Speaking of today, does God love His people? Does our hidden sin anger God? Does God still chasten us for covering our sin?
  6. What are some of the physical and emotional effects of hidden, unconfessed sin in our lives?
  7. What were some of the cost that David paid during his year of unconfessed sin?
  8. Who made David's sin burden so heavy?  And what was the reason for it?
  9. Why does God Himself make our hidden sin so heavy, chaotic and terrifying?
  10. When the heaviness became to much for David to bear any longer, what did he do?
  11. What is the danger to a Christian that feels no guilt, heaviness or remorse over his sin?  Think about the many Christians who no longer grieve over their sin.  What has happened to their hearts?
  12. In the example given about Ezekiel, what was the real condition of these 70 elders?
  13. When God's fiery presence filled the room, what was the reaction of these 70 "church goers"?  And what caused them to feel this way?
  14. If you have a besetting sin, does it trouble and grieve you? Does it cuase you emotional pain, guilt, sorrow and despari? Do you feel you're almost ready to collapse under the heavy load of it?
  15. Does your heart cry out, "Lord, my sins are over my head. I know that Your chastening hand is upon me. I don't want to be a slave to it any longer. Please give me back my freedom"? (If your answer is "YES", then you're on the way to healing and deliverance.)
  16. How can you get back your shout and your joy?

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