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"Honoring the Sabbath!"

December 15, 1997

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Bible Study Questions

  1. What is the literal meaning of the word 'Sabbath'? Where & how did the Lord Describe obedience to the Sabbath?

  2. What was the punishment for the man who was caught breaking the Sabbath? In your opinion, why was it so harsh?

  3. The Pharisee's greatest accusation against Jesus was that He was a "Sabbath Breaker". Why?

  4. Why did the early Christians begin to observe the Sabbath on Sunday instead of Saturday?

  5. Is the Sabbath a matter of legalistic obedience or spiritual observance?

  6. What was the prophet Jeremiah's reaction to scenes of activity on the Sabbath?

  7. Read Isaiah 40:28. Does the Lord ever get 'tired' or 'weary' as man does? If not, why did He 'rest' on the seventh day?

  8. God's creation was perfect but it still had the potential to fail. What was God's plan if it did?

  9. God's rest was setting 'a day of grace'. What is the rest to our souls?

  10. What did Jesus say in Matthew 11:28 and how do you interpret this statement?

  11. Jeremiah was horrified at people carrying burdens on the Sabbath. How will you avoid carrying wearisome burdens not only on Sunday but everyday?

  12. What is the incredible promise given in Jeremiah 17:24,25 ? Who are the kings and princes mentioned?

  13. How do people, who do not lay their burdens on the Lord, get consumed by them? Has this ever happened to you?

  14. Nehemiah tried to keep the gates shut through the Sabbath, but the people, with their burdens, camped outside. How can you apply this to a modern day situation?

  15. What will it take for you to 'lay your burdens' on the Lord and not pick them up again?

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