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Bible Study Discussion

The Incredible Blessings of Being in Christ!

January 5, 1998

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Bible Study Questions

  1. We live in a time of great light because the Holy Ghost has revealed the powerful meaning of Jesus work on the cross and the blessings of His work in our lives. There was a period called "The Dark Ages" when these truths were not known. Describe the teachings and activities of that time and how they affected believers.

  2. Being "in Christ" is one of the blessings we have as believers. Does this benefit have anything to do with works of our flesh?

  3. Our foundation is in Christ, and understanding this truth and the blessings that are ours will keep us standing firm. What is your understanding of what it means to be "in Christ"?

  4. As you pursue an understanding of being "in Christ," the Holy Spirit will open your eyes to this incredible truth! Will you pursue this truth with the help of the Holy Spirit?

  5. God spoke through His prophet Isaiah about whom His chosen was, the one in whom He delighted. Who was this person?

  6. From passages of Scripture, it was evident that God did not take pleasure or delight in the sacrifices of animals, and that it was not possible for that blood to take away sin. How was the taking away of sin accomplished?

  7. When did God initially plan the work of salvation and reconciliation of fallen humanity? And how was this plan accomplished?

  8. God prepared a physical body for Jesus and another body, a spiritual body. What is this spiritual body?

  9. There is now a physical man, Jesus the Son, seated in heaven at the right hand of the Father. He is no longer physically seen in this world. How will the world ever "see" Jesus?

  10. How is a person put "in Christ" to be part of His body?

  11. Scripture confirms the mystery of the body of Christ: "He is the head of the body, the church...." Do you submit to Christs headship?

  12. How can we stand before a holy God? How can we ever please Him and be accepted by Him?

  13. Good works - are they our means to getting into "the body" or are they the result of being "in Christ"?

  14. All , who by faith, come to Christ as Savior and Lord are placed into Christ and known as "the bride of Christ." Would God reject the bride of His Son whom He has chosen for Him?

  15. When we are "in Christ" and one with Him, does God love us as He loves His Son?

  16. So, how hard are you striving to please God? Do you sometimes feel like a delight and other times a displeasure to Him?

  17. It is important to put the facts ahead of feelings. Fact: If you are "in Christ," you are loved by the Father. Its a faith issue! Do you come to God, on the basis of your faith, of being "in Christ"?

  18. If we do not, by faith, come to God "in Christ," then what will happen? (Clue: Hebrews 3:12)

  19. Hebrews 4:3 & 10 show that the evidence of faith is rest. What is the only way that we can stop our striving and sweating and be at peace?

  20. How can we truly know if we are "in Christ"?

  21. What does it mean to "be renewed"? And is it a one-time experience?

  22. Do you revere and fear God's Word, go daily to the Scriptures to be changed by it, and govern your life by it?

  23. Is your faith mixed with charity (unconditional love)? Explore the full meaning of "charity."

  24. Do you have these evidences of being "in Christ" in your heart (even though you may not be perfect yet)?

  25. Can you rejoice over your position "in Christ," being a beloved child, delightful servant, and one who is being changed into the image of Jesus?

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