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Bible Study Discussion

Turn Off the Stew!

March 9, 1998

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Bible Study Questions

  1. "Stew" can mean - a meat and vegetable dish, put in a pot and simmered at a slow boil. What is another definition of "stew" or "to stew"? What does is mean "to stew in one's own juices"

  2. What are some reasons why we "stew"?

  3. Satan often uses those closest to us to tempt us to be provoked. Think of some examples of godly men who were the target of Satan's schemes to provoke them into becoming bitter and anger?

  4. Who but the devil can take hold of a loved one's tongue to say hurtful and demeaning things to God's chosen? (God's chosen - that's you, Beloved!)

  5. Are you easily provoked, especially by those closest to you, or by your own failures to be Christ-like in your reactions?

  6. Are you still stewing or simmering over some hurtful things said or done to you in the past?

  7. Is it dangerous to allow your "stew" to simmer, to keep the flame of anger or bitterness burning, and refusing to shut off the flame?

  8. What are some effects of allowing yourself to "boil over"?

  9. Can "stewing in your own juices" cause you to turn away from God? Does bitterness, agitation and hatred cause you to shut your eye and ears, and harden your heart against God and His word?

  10. Job is a wonderful example of how we should handle afflictions. How did he keep from becoming bitter or angry toward God?

  11. Jesus, our example, did not fight back, seek revenge, argue or threaten. He committed each and every situation in His life to his Father. How do we do this?

  12. Only the ________ _________ can empower us to turn off the fires of agitation.

  13. T or F - Satan wants us to "stew" over our failures to be conformed to the likeness of Christ?

  14. When you have failed to react in a Christ-like manner, what usually happens to you? Is your reaction one of condemnation?

  15. Satan encourages condemnation. What can happen to us if we continue to "stew" over our shortcomings and stumblings?

  16. The writer of Hebrews encourages us to "run with _________ the race that is set before us." Be patient with your walk with Christ; the race will continue until Jesus comes back. God will see you through and empower you to overcome by the Holy Spirit.

  17. "To overcome" means to conquer and get the best of all temptations and obstacles. What are some of the obstacles in your life?

  18. When David failed because he committed adultery and murder, what did he do?

  19. The fastest way to "turn off the stew" is to trust in Christ 's _____________. And Christ is ready to forgive _____ the time.

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