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A Message for Christians Who Have Bad Days!

August 3, 1998

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Bible Study Questions

  1. The more godly a Christian, the more trying his bad days will be. Why do you think this is so?
  2. Paul spoke of Timothys frequent illnesses as infirmities. What other kind of infirmities are there?
  3. Think about the last time your feelings betrayed you and you couldnt shake a feeling of gloom or unwanted thoughts.
  4. During those times, was it difficult to remember that Jesus is not only a good times Saviour but that He is always with us through every kind of season?
  5. What is one of the favorite tricks of the devil that he uses against young believers?
  6. When the very foundation of your faith is being attacked, can you rely on the way you feel?
  7. Find at least three promises from the Bible that tell you that God is with you at all times...through good and bad times.
  8. Would you say that these promises are more reliable than the roller coaster of our feelings?
  9. How would you interpret Having done all ....stand?
  10. Read 2 Corinthians 7:5 and 12:15. Did Paul also have to contend with fears and feelings of rejection?
  11. What is Gods reaction to Pauls and our bad days? How can He use them?
  12. How do you think a young Christian can resemble a child in their reaction to lifes situations?
  13. In the midst of our trials, what is Gods great desire for us? Can you explain this?
  14. What does Paul say about Christians who never come to a deep inner knowledge of who they are?
  15. What do you think these Christians are losing in their relationship with God?
  16. What does Philippians 4:19 say about our Father meeting all our needs? What is the meaning of the Greek word need used in this paragraph?
  17. Can we use or enjoy any of Gods promises or blessings if we are blown about by every wind that comes along?
  18. If not, what is the only way to please or get closer to God? How can we draw on His storehouse through all the trials we go through?
  19. Christians believe that very hard times are coming to our world. Where do you need to be as far as believing Gods ability and willingness to see us through all tribulation before it happens?

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