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Your Friends Matter To God!

September 14, 1998

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Bible Study Questions

  1. Which of our friends does God care the most about? Why is this?
  2. What kind of signals does a person's heart send out and what effect does this have on others?
  3. How can Satan use a so called friend to destroy us? Give an example of this from Scripture.
  4. What kind of questions could you use to test a friend and a friendship?
  5. Would a true godly friend take your side against God's word no matter how much the truth hurt?
  6. Jehoshaphat wanted to obey Gods word.  How was he deceived by false prophets?
  7. What happened when Jehoshaphat joined in war with Ahab?  In what kind of similar situation could we find ourselves?
  8. What controversy did God have with Jehoshaphat even after He had spared his life in battle?
  9. It is very difficult to think of ones friends as enemies of God.  What does Scripture say about this?
  10. Read Isaiah 63:8-10.  How did these words come true for Jehoshaphat?
  11. How did Jehoshaphat find favor with the Lord again?
  12. What was the tragic result of Jehoshaphat falling into the same trap again?
  13. Why do you think choosing friends wisely and cautiously is a lifetime concern?
  14. What does Proverbs 22:24-25 say about friendships?  According to these verses how does making friends with the wrong person affect us?
  15. Do all your friendships bring glory to God?

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