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"Without Fault Before The Throne Of God"

October 5, 1998

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Bible Study Questions

  1. What are some of the uncertainties facing humankind today? What are your fears about them?

  2. What is the good news for the Christian whose sins are covered by the blood of Jesus?

  3. Does the fact that we are all going to stand before the throne of God scare you in any way? Why shouldn't it?

  4. Read some of the scripture that says that once the Lord forgives our sins, He wipes them from memory. How does this make you feel?

  5. How do our names get recorded in 'The Book of Life'?

  6. Is fear compatible with the Lord's love of us? Why not?

  7. Do you believe that a God who can wipe away all you sins can also take care of your material needs?

  8. How does this belief affect your concerns about the coming hard times?

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