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The Power of the Lords Presence

December 7, 1998

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Bible Study Questions

  1. What sets the church of Jesus Christ apart from non-believers?

  2. What was Moses basis for running Israels government, forming its strategy or directing her army?

  3. What was the Lords response to Moses statement that they would trust in God above all else?

  4. What does the presence of God bring about in the life of an individual or church?

  5. What difference did the presence of the Lord make in the lives of Gideon, Joshua, Jeremiah, and Abraham?

  6. What condition is attached to Gods presence in our lives, and what example of this do we have in the Old Testament?

  7. How do many Christian homes today resemble Israel when Asa came to power?

  8. Does Gods presence in our lives only refer to issues of salvation? Read 1 Samuel 2:30 and explain "lightly esteemed".

  9. Is the promise of Gods presence in our lives conditional? If so how can we ensure Gods continuing presence with us in all we do?

  10. Does He cease to love us or abandon us if we break the terms of the covenant?

  11. By becoming a consistent seeking servant where does Gods presence lead us?

  12. What is the difference between the Lords presence and His Glory?

  13. Where, and only where, do we find the revelation of Christ? How does this change us?

  14. What should be the first and last thing we seek to enjoy Gods continual presence or be lightly esteemed?

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