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"When You Come to the End of Yourself!"

December 28, 1998

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Bible Study Questions

  1. Read the words of David in Psalm 38. Have you ever felt like that?

  2. Where does this spirit of discouragement come from?

  3. How does Satan use this very potent weapon against God's elect? What are some of the things he tries to convince us of during these times?

  4. Can we talk to God about our feelings of discouragment and failure?

  5. What was God's reaction to the people of Israel's accusation that He had forsaken them?

  6. Is the battle against this kind of attack within your power to combat? If not, what can you learn from David about help from the Lord overcoming this despair?

  7. Can we pray fervently and effectively at this times? What does the Lord feel about this?

  8. Does the Holy Spirit leave us when we are deeply discouraged or down ?

  9. What can we do when under attack from Satan? Is he is trying to get us to doubt ourselves?

  10. What does the Bible say about "waiting on the Lord"?

  11. If you are depressed or discouraged, how can you apply the promises in Isaiah 40:28-31 to your own life and situation?

  12. What happens to our faith every time we come victoriously through another trial ?

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