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Whom Do We Believe?

January 4, 1999

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Bible Study Questions

  1. How does Ezekiel 33:1-6 compare with what is being said today by the "world' view?

  2. See Isaiah 53:1. Whose report is the believer to believe?

  3. After reading Ezekiel 16:49-50 compare Sodom with America today. Do you see any similarities?

  4. What is the second piece of "the armour of God" that the believer needs to wear today for protection? See Ephesians 6:7.

  5. In 1 Peter 4:7-19, what do those verses say to the believer?

  6. To "turn" the tide of America today, read Ezekiel 13:5. Is that something that every believer is called to do? Why?

  7. Why is it important for all believers to have their "own house" in order?

  8. Should the Lord come today, is there anything that you would want to "set-aright" in "your" house?

  9. See Hosea 12:6 and Joel 2:12. Is this something that all believers should do? Would it help to do this to "reach" the Lord?

  10. Read Deuteronomy 5:32-33. How does this give you hope personally?

  11. Also, read Psalm 29:11. The believer need not be worried nor fretful in the coming days, for the Lord their God shall keep them by day and by night.

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