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"Walking in the Glory!"

March 8, 1999

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Bible Study Questions

  1. Knowing and understanding God's glory is for every believer. When God revealed Himself to Moses, He proclaimed who He was and what He was like (Exodus 34:6-7). Who does God say He is?

  2. Do you know that God wants you to know Him as the God of Exodus 34:6-7, the One who loves, forgives, shows mercy and restores the "lost one" to Himself?

  3. In the beginning of Moses' relationship with God, he knew Him only as the God of law and wrath. What happened to change Moses' understanding of who God fully was?

  4. How does true worship and praise arise from the hearts of God's people? How does true, lasting change occur in our hearts and lives?

  5. Do you come to the Lord your Father expecting to be loved, accepted, forgiven and helped; OR do you come to Him expecting to find Him angry, hard and ready to hit you with a stick when you fail?

  6. Why is it so hard for some people to find rest and peace even though they do everything right, like pray, read the Bible and tell God how much they love Him?

  7. What does, "God rests in His love for His people." mean? What does it mean to you personally?

  8. Think about this, ". He will rejoice over thee with joy. He will joy over thee with singing." (Zephaniah 3:17). How does that make you feel to hear that the LORD God rejoices over you? Meditate of the truth that He rejoices over you with singing and joy.

  9. If God so loved you when you were deep in sin -- caring enough to give His own Son to die for you -- why then would He remove His love whenever you stumble or fail? (There is no sin that you can commit that the blood of Jesus does not cover. I know you might be saying, "Oh yes, there is one, blaspheming the Holy Spirit." But if you had done that, you wouldn't be here reading and studying this right now!)

  10. What are some reasons why Christians, God's own children, don't commune nor have intimacy with Him? Do you ever feel like this?

  11. What hinders us from accepting and laying hold of the marvelous revelation of God's glory and keeps us from communing with Him?

  12. Does sinning stop God from loving you? Of course He reproves and corrects His children, but does that mean He stops loving you?

  13. Do you fully trust His love for you? Have you seen His love revealed and laid hold of it? Is His love for you settled in your heart? Are you able to say, "My heavenly Father is in love with me, and says I'm sweet and lovely in His eyes?"

  14. The first part of walking in God's glory means receiving the Father's love for us. What is the second part?

  15. God's love for us is marked by rest and rejoicing (Zephaniah 3:17). How is our love for Him to be expressed? Who must our love be conveyed through and why?

  16. Jesus is the "express image" of our loving Father. We are to show love for God in our love for Jesus. How do we love Jesus? (See 1 John 5:3 for a hint.)

  17. Jesus summed up all the commandments of God into two commands. What are they?

  18. We cannot walk in God's glory or be in communion with Him if we harbor an unloving and unforgiving attitude or heart toward ____________ ____________.

  19. What do the Scriptures say about unforgiveness and an unloving attitude toward another person? What are we to do? (See Matthew 5:24 for a hint.)

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