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Out of the Depths I Cried!

September 13, 1999

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Bible Study Questions

  1. What were some of the troubles David suffered?

  2. Was David ever afraid that the Lord had forsaken him?

  3. What scriptures indicate the depth of David's anguish?

  4. What was the main source of David's distress?

  5. What did David fear the Lord might do in judging his sins?

  6. What did David write about his sins taking hold of him?

  7. Have you ever felt like David felt?

  8. True or False. Sin will shut off communion with Jesus.

  9. True or False. A troubled conscience is the result of sin.

  10. What is God's purpose in allowing us to feel His rebuke?

  11. How did David pray when he pled with God from the very depths of his soul?

  12. What kind of prayer is needed to get hold of God and to get release, in these situations?

  13. What can we expect from God when we cry out to Him with all our hearts, pleading for His forgiveness, His mercy and release from sin?

  14. What three errors are made in allowing failure to overwhelm you; In allowing a sense of unworthiness to erode your faith away?

  15. What aspect of God's nature guarantees a repentant sinner will receive hope and help?

  16. What is the result of holy fear of God?

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