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Helpers in Prayer

October 4, 1999

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Bible Study Questions

  1. How do Christians normally pray: For themselves and their interests or for the interests of others?

  2. When they do pray for others, what is the normal amount of time spent?

  3. Why pray for others?

  4. What did Paul consider "comfort" in time of trial? 2 Cor. 7:6-7

  5. To what did Paul attribute the gracious favor given him? 2 Cor. 1:11

  6. True or false: According to the Bible, prayer and deliverance are inseparable.

  7. How serious are you about being part of the answer to problems in marriages, ministries, and the church?

  8. How serious are you about being a helper in prayer?

  9. True or false: Jesus prayed and taught prevailing prayer.

  10. I understand and will obey the scriptural command to strive faithfully and fervently in prayer for others deliverance and blessing. Yes? or No?

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