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The Awesome Voice of God

Nov. 15, 1999

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Bible Study Questions

  1. What did God tell His people when He spoke to them from Mount Sinai out of the fire??

  2. What was in the hearts of the Israelites that made them fear God's awesome voice?

  3. What was the sin that the Israelites held in their hearts?

  4. What was Moses' explanation of God's purpose in speaking to his people?

  5. What kind of heart is God looking for in His people?

  6. Did the Israelites have the kind of heart that God expects from His people?

  7. What expectations did God have for the nation of Israel after he spoke to them at Mount Sinai?

  8. How did God say he would speak to his people after the nation of Israel told Moses of their fears?

  9. Who is the prophet that would be raised up like Mose's?

  10. How does God speak to his people today?

  11. What will happen to us if we do not listen to Jesus?

  12. What is the reason that Jesus will pour out His Spirit in the last days?

  13. What should we pursue to ensure that we will hear Jesus's voice in our lives today?

  14. What do we receive from God when we follow his commandments?

  15. What in your life could be stopping you from hearing God's awesome voice today?

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