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Change Me, O Lord

December 6, 1999

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Bible Study Questions

  1. What is the only problem with Christian counseling today?

  2. What one thing will change the way counseling affects individual lives?

  3. When an individual is in crisis, what is God doing through it?

  4. In the spiritual realm, in our real lives, is there any such thing as merely existing, without change, without being converted into one thing or the other?

  5. Why are our prayers to have our situation changed hindered? Why doesn't God hear us?

  6. What causes spiritual blindness? What is its cure?

  7. What is the danger of being totally on your own? What is the danger of unforgiveness? Of not listening to the Lord's correction?

  8. True or False. "All the counseling in the world won't do you any good if you don't obey the Lord's commands."

  9. What steps can you take to make the Word of God the very rule of your life?

  10. Change is the work of the Holy Ghost. Our job is to repent from sinful actions. Repent means choosing to not yield to previous behaviors. What is the danger of waiting for God to change you, when you could begin with repentance?

  11. Change requires being totally committed to allowing God to expose every hidden thing in your heart for the purpose of being delivered. Are there commitments you need to make in prayer now?

  12. Whitch is the only true mirror we should look into?
    a) Feeling good about a situation
    b) The Word of God
    c) What others say about us
    d) Being led by what we have previously experienced

  13. What are the three ways to know you have been changed listed in this sermon?

  14. What is the end result of changing during crisis?

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