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Satan Seeks to Devour You

December 27, 1999

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Bible Study Questions

  1. Is the devil real?

  2. What is his plan for your life?

  3. Who are the people under attack?

  4. God's word is his _________________.

  5. Satan's aim is to tempt God's people to ______________ against God's Word.

  6. Does Satan ever use subtle, seducing temptations? Take a moment to think how he is at work in your thought life now.

  7. Will he attack us in the area of strength as well as weakness?

  8. List four arenas where Satan can claim ground.

  9. What can Christians do to defend themselves against the devil? See James 4:7.

  10. How can I live in submission to the Lord? What can I do daily to stay hidden in Him?

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