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Babylon Is Falling!


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Bible Study Questions

  1. Who does the Bible say is Babylon?

  2. How is the church guilty of the sins of Babylon?

  3. What does it mean to be in league with the world?

  4. Who is the harlot wretched, naked and poor?

  5. What did Jeremiah mean when he said the people turned a harmless plant into a degenerate and impudent plant?

  6. Who is the "beast"? And who is the "harlot supported by the beast"?

  7. Find at least three promises from the Bible that tell you that God is with you at all times...through good and bad times.

  8. Would you say that these promises are more reliable than the roller coaster of our feelings?

  9. How is God going to put an end to this foolishness?

  10. Read Jeremiah 51:25-26. Did Jeremiah also have to contend with fears and feelings of rejection?

  11. What does it mean God is going to make new all things?

  12. In Jeremiah 6:14, who does God call silly?

  13. In Jeremiah 6:15, who would not blush? What does that mean to you?

  14. Does the Bible say there's hope for us? In what way?

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