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World Challenge Pulpit Series with David Wilkerson

Using an Image as a Link
You will probably want to use one of these images as a link. A visitor to your web site will be able to click through to World Challenge Pulpit Series by clicking on the image. To make this happen, the name of the image must appear after img src in your HTML document. Here is an example of a link to World Challenge Pulpit Series' home page using the tsc468x78.jpg button:

(a href="")(img src="tsc468x78.jpg" width="468" height="78"
alt="World Challenge Pulpit Series" border="0")(/a)

World Challenge Pulpit Series

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These buttons are intended for use with your home page links. There are various sizes available. Feel free to take as many as you'd like for your site, but please refrain from making any changes to the logo of these buttons.

World Challenge Pulpit Series
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World Challenge Pulpit Series
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World Challenge Pulpit Series
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How to Copy Images
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Mac users: Click and hold down over the image and choose "Save This Image As."
More Detailed Instructions
If you are using Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, first place the cursor above the image you want to copy. Next, if you are using a PC or Unix-based system, click and hold down the right mouse button; on a Mac, hold down the single mouse button. A small popup menu will appear after a few seconds, offering you a "Save as..." or "Download image..." option to save a copy of the image to your local hard drive.

AOL users: Your graphics can be read as compressed images, which may cause problems in displaying images. You'll need to make sure you are "in AOL." Now go to "My AOL," select Preference, and then select WWW. Turn off the Use-Compressed-Images option. Finally, select the Empty-Cache-Now button.

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