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Help Find Out-of-Print Sermons

Here's where you can help find out-of-print sermons published by David Wilkerson and be a blessing to others who are searching for old World Challenge Pulpit Series sermons. Please take a moment to see if you can help.

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Sermons Currently Being Prepared for the Internet
by David Wilkerson's Multilingual Ministry Team:

A New Direction For the David Wilkerson Ministries
City Outreach Report
Four City Outreach Report
New York City Outreach report
Special Report -- A Divine Hit Running On Broadway

Do You Have a Pulpit Series Sermon Collection?

If you have any of David Wilkerson's World Challenge Pulpit Series sermons from 1986 and earlier, and would be willing either to donate, loan or copy them in order that the sermons could be posted on the Internet, please contact our TSPS Oldies Team leader at dwarthen@sbcglobal.net. Whether you have just one or have many, any help would be greatly appreciated. If you have information that can help date any of the sermons that are "undated", that would be appreciated as well.

Sermons We Need Copies Of:

Fleecing God

How to Conquer Secret Sin

Outreach Report - San Francisco

Maybe You Don't Have Copies Of Any Sermons,
But Would Still Like To Help?

Be A Blessing!

Here's where you can be a blessing to others who are searching for old World Challenge Pulpit Series sermons. Right now, here are some ways we need help:
  1. By providing copies of sermons that we don't already have.
  2. By volunteering to help translate sermons into foreign languages.
  3. Most importantly, by providing prayer support.
  4. If you've been blessed, encouraged, convicted, challenged, edified, etc., by this ministry, take a moment to drop us a line and let us know: texas@worldchallenge.org

Join the TSPS Foreign Language Team!

Are you fluent in a language other than English? Volunteers are also needed to help translate the World Challenge Pulpit Series into foreign languages. We have sermons have been translated into foreign languages, but still need to be compared with the original English texts of the sermons to check the accuracy of the translations. If you'd like to help, please let us know by writing us or filling in our online form.
Barbara Haas, Webmasteremail
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