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No Longer in Circulation by World Challenge

Ever loan out one of David Wilkerson's preaching tapes and never see it again? Would you be willing to make a copy of an older sermon tape and send it to someone else requesting that particular sermon or possibly exchange sermon tapes with another listener?

Well, here's where you can find David Wilkerson's out-of-circulation sermon tapes and be a blessing to others who are searching for old Wilkerson sermon tapes which are no longer available to the public. Please take a moment to see if you can help.

Please keep in mind, we only post search requests. We do not have time to provide a matching service. You will need to contact the individuals searching for particular audio sermons.

Important Instructions!
  1. Visit the World Challenge tape site to be sure the sermon is no longer available on audio tape through World Challenge.

  2. Listeners are free to make copies of their tapes and give them to friends but should provide this service as a ministry, at their own expense, asking nothing in return for their service.

  3. How listeners will exchange their tapes is a matter to be determined by the persons involved. We will be happy to post your requests for outdated sermon tapes, but how the tapes will reach their destination is to be decided by those involved. No further assistance or intervention will be given from the webmaster or World Challenge. World Challenge is also not responsible for any problems encountered using this service.

  4. If you are willing to agree to these terms, we will be happy to post requests sent to tapefind @ misslink.org. Please email once you get the tape you requested.

  5. Please include sermon title, tape number, and date, whenever possible.

  6. If you see a sermon title that you have and are willing to share, please write directly to the person searching for the audio tape. Do not write us.
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Lost & Found

I've redesigned this page, simplifying it and making it easier to search. Wherever possible, I have linked the sermon title to the sermon on the web. Please let me know if you come across an e-mail address that isn't working so I can remove it from this list. Drop me a line if you'd like to add or update an entry, but, first, please be sure you've followed the above instructions. Please don't expect a reply. I do this on a volunteer basis, as time allows.

You will need to delete the space before and after the @ symbol in each e-mail address. The spaces have been added to prevent spammers from stealing your e-mail address.

A Christless Pentecost - 1982
A Place Called Wits' End - April 24, 1995
A Poured Out Life
America's Golden Calf Is Comin... Jun 22, '98
Ascension Life (undated)
Believing the Love of God - Jan. 4, 1993
Climbing the Mountain
Complacency of Fools
Complacency of Fools
God Only Uses Failures
God Will Not Walk Out on You - Oct. 9, '95
Hatching Snake Eggs - March 21, 1988
Have You Felt Like Giving Up La... Jun 17, '96
Holy Ground (undated)
I Will Be with Thy Mouth (undated)
It's Not Enough to Get Out of... Jan 7, 1991
Jesus and Storms c. 1979
Parents on Trial-Why Kids Go Wrong c 1967
Parents on Trial-Why Kids Go Wrong c 1967
Passing Under the Rod
Prophecy of America - album from mid-70s
Reproach of the Solemn Assembly
Reproach of the Solemn Assembly
Reproach of the Solemn Assembly
Roll Away the Stone
Tattles, Busybodies, & Angels of Light
The Awful Sin of Pride - Feb. 8, 1988
The Charismatic Itch
The Charismatic Itch
The Charismatic Itch
The Great Apostasy - May 7, 1986
The Laodicean Tragedy (tape #628)
The Making of an Enduring Song (Conlon)
The Making of the Man of God - May 27, '91
The Power of the Lord's Presence Dec 7, '98
The Power of the Secret Closet Mar 29, '92
The Redeemer Is Coming to Zion (undated)
Whatever Happen To Repentance Aug 2, '99
You Need the Baptism of the Holy Ghost
You Need the Baptism of the Holy Ghost
Your Friends Matter to God - Sept 14, '98
Wild Donkeys (tape #90)
Wild Donkeys (tape #90)

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