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Who Is Guarding the Front Door of Your Home?

Feb. 7, 2000

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Bible Study Questions

  1. Who is chiefly to blame for the falling away of our youth? Was the family the first institution that God ordained?

  2. What was the condition of Jerusalem in the days of Nehemiah? What was his chief concern and why?

  3. Jerusalem is a type of the church today while Nehemiah is God's plan for restoration. The wall was the wall of truth to protect the city from plunderers or the church from false doctrines or worldliness. What did Nehemiah do first before beginning any physical work on the wall. What must be done to bring about revival today?

  4. What was necessary after the wall was completed? What kind of people fulfilled this task? Who are gatekeepers in the church today? What does God expect of deacons and elders?

  5. What attributes are we to show when being the gatekeepers of God's house?

  6. After Nehemiah appointed gatekeepers, he then appointed a gatekeeper for each house. Who are the gatekeepers in the home?

  7. How are parents to raise their children today, as in times past?

  8. What should a parent do daily for their children? What else does God expect a parent to do?

  9. What does scripture say will happen when a parent brings up a child in the authority of God's Word?

  10. What will God do for those who hunger and thirst for Him? What else will he do according to Isaiah 44:3-4?

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