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Feasting in the Presence of Your Enemy

February 28, 2000

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Bible Study Questions

  1. Where does God prepare a banquet for me?

  2. What does this personal, intimate serving of sumptuous feast food represent?

  3. What is to be my attitude: Rejoicing and being glad, or whining and murmuring about my trials?

  4. What do my enemies have to do while God serves me a wonderful feast?

  5. Who are our enemies?

  6. Are the times of feasting in the presence of my enemies reserved for my most excellent behavior?

  7. What is God's attitude towards His children who are caught in sin?

  8. When I am surprised or overcome by sin, what action can I take to restore myself to the position of feasting, being served by the Lord, and anointed by Him?

  9. How can I miss out on feasting at the Lord's table in the presence of my enemies?

  10. What is my responsibility in my home during trials?

  11. What step do I need to take to receive the anointing with the oil of gladness?

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