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Bible Study Discussion

Prayer That Is Pleasing to The Lord!

February 12, 1996

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Bible Study Questions

1. How large a percentage of your prayer time is spent asking God for a better job, a better home, food, clothes and other necessities?

2. Do you pray mostly out of a sense of obligation? Is prayer boring to you? Is it more of a duty than a pleasure?

3. When you either sit and brood in His presence, or you rush off to phone a friend to try to find help, what do you imagine that must do to God's heart?

4. When you're sad, downcast, heavy-hearted, confused, to whom do you run in such times? Whose company do you prefer then?

5. What is that the end-purpose of prayer?

6. What exactly do you get from your time of prayer, if it isn't something that could see you through the battle?

7. How do you react when your circumstances begin to fall in on you? Do you collapse after only a short while?

8. Between the glory and the crisis, how can you keep from losing everything you gained during your intimacy with the Lord? What can you do to see your prayer through to a triumphant conclusion?

9. What two things must you do to maintain the victory you receive in your prayer time with Him? How can you take it through to the other side of the battle?

10. Do you love to be with Jesus? Do you prefer Him above all others? Does your heart cry out, "Jesus, You're my everything. You are my soul's great pleasure - and I love Your company"?

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