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Bible Study Discussion

Blessings From Christ Our High Priest!

May 27, 1996

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Bible Study Questions

  1. What ministry did Christ take up when He ascended to Heaven?

  2. For how long will He remain our high priest?

  3. What two priesthoods are mentioned in the Old Testament?

  4. What is God's purpose when He blesses us with outward physical blessings?

  5. Christ's blessings are primarily (a) physical or (b) spiritual?

  6. God delights in (a) blessing or (b) chastising His people?

  7. True or false: Jesus' last words before He left His disciples were words of blessing. (Luke 24:51)

  8. Will we ever be worthy of God's blessings?

  9. How come those who feel the most lack actually are the ones who are the most blessed?

  10. What is the blessing of Abraham?

  11. How many in your circle are being blessed by what the Lord is doing in you?

  12. Is Jesus' glory in your relationship with Him overflowing to those around you?

  13. Are your friends and family being blessed by Christ in you?

  14. Whom have you blessed lately?

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