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Bible Study Discussion

Fulfilling Your Destiny!

July 8, 1996

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Bible Study Questions

  1. What is "destiny"?

  2. Name three men in the Bible who missed their destiny.

  3. What wonderful things can be said about Saul?

  4. How did Saul miss his destiny?

  5. Tell how Samson aborted his destiny.

  6. What happened in Solomon's life that caused him to miss his destiny?

  7. What is the first thing the Holy Spirit does when He moves on us?

  8. What is the single, grand and glorious destiny given to all last-day saints?

  9. Are you more like Jesus this year than you were last year?

  10. Are you growing in Christ?

  11. Are you allowing the Holy Spirit to teach you to serve others, to give up your rights?

  12. What are you like at home?

  13. Is your marriage growing or deteriorating?

  14. Do your children see you as tender and kind, or as a grouch?

  15. Do the people who know you see the love of Christ in you?

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