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Bible Study Questions

It's Time to Weep for America!

July 29, 1996

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Bible Study Questions

  1. What is "destiny"?

  2. What society in the Scriptures provoked God to release them to judgment?

  3. In what way did their actions mirror the American society today?

  4. How did the people of that society react to God's warnings?

  5. What ails our American society?

  6. How can our whole nation party, dance, drink and be saturated with entertainment, while thousands of babies are being aborted?

  7. What horrible sickness allows our society to continue merrily in its sordid pleasure-seeking, while the elderly are being assisted in suicide?

  8. Where are those who grieve for America?

  9. How many people do you know who are broken over the sins of God's Church and our nation?

  10. Considering the crowd in Jerusalem, what was their sin, which God would not forgive?

  11. What makes those people's sins sound familiar today?

  12. If a deadly disease were to decimate the United States today, do you think our nation would turn to God?

  13. Would we wake up and repent?

  14. Would the ungodly cry out for mercy and healing?

  15. Why are so many wealthy people buying up isolated ranches and farms in Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana? What do they know that the majority of Americans don't know?

  16. Why did the National Day of Prayer last only one week? What happened?

  17. What triggers God's dread release of a society to judgment?

  18. What final indignation, what brazen act, sets God's judgment into motion?

  19. What was Israel's iniquity that triggered judgment?

  20. What makes God say, "You've crossed the line!"

  21. For what reasons does God want me to listen to a message, warning of God's coming judgment?

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