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Bible Study Discussion

Perfect Righteousness Your Inheritance -- Claim It!

August 19, 1996

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Bible Study Questions

  1. What are the two kinds of righteousness?

  2. What righteousness is wholly acceptable to God and available to every believer?

  3. What garment covers us completely, making us acceptable in God's holy presence?

  4. What is the most important thing you can seek God for in your life?

  5. Did God know Adam would abuse his freewill and sin?

  6. By whose sin were all made sinners?

  7. How does the righteousness of Christ become our very own righteousness -- so that we can stand accepted in God's Presence?

  8. How can we receive Christ's perfect righteousness?

  9. Is there anything good in you that would cause God to send His Son to die for you?

  10. What is sanctification?

  11. Are Christians obligated to do good works?

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