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Bible Study Discussion

The Awful Consequences of Backsliding!

September 30, 1996

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Bible Study Questions

  1. Does the Bible have anything to say about backsliding?

  2. What does the term backsliding mean?

  3. Describe a backslider.

  4. What person in the Bible was a clear example of a backslider?

  5. Do you think God will stand idly by and let the devil take you from him?

  6. Name three awful consequences of backsliding.

  7. Why did Noah become the most dangerous man on the Mediterranean when he stepped onto the boat at Joppa?

  8. TRUE or FALSE? Many backslidden Christians are sending their coworkers to hell.

  9. Why are you so irritable these days? Where is the joy you once had?

  10. Have you backslidden and refused to return to Jesus?

  11. What two options are available to every backslider?

  12. If you return to God, what has He promised to do?

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