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Bible Study Discussion

Are You a Merciful Christian?

December 2, 1996

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Bible Study Questions

  1. Why did God send angels to rescue Lot and his family? Why was Lot saved? Why did God send angels to literally pull this man out of destruction?

  2. How is it that we are not swallowed up in the sins of our society?

  3. What do you suppose Lot must have thought as he watched the smoldering embers of that city?

  4. How many times have you failed the Lord?

  5. How often have you had evil thoughts, things you didn't think you were even capable of thinking?

  6. How many times have you said hurtful things to others?

  7. How many things have you done that were unlike Jesus and grieved the Holy Spirit?

  8. How many times has your disobedience brought down on your head all kinds of tribulation, sorrow and suffering?

  9. Do you acknowledge that God has been merciful and kind toward you? Has he been slow to anger about your sins and failures?

  10. Are you a merciful, kind Christian to others?

  11. How can you offer comfort to others, when you have not yet learned yourself how to draw comfort in God's mercy to you?

  12. How can you give comfort to another believer?

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From: marilyn daugherty
Subject: am I merciful
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1997

I truly hope that I am, although my fear is that I am not. I am a pastor's wife and try to live to the best of my ability like Christ would live and yet inspite of myself I see things in other people that I don't like and my first instinct is to tell them about it.

I do not tell them most of the time because as I said my first instinct is to tell them. By the time I've had time to think about it I get a look at myself and see how rotten I can be as well. On the whole, when you look at the church most people are kind and considerate of others. The small number that I see that are ugly to one another are few in number. Thank the Lord. I think we all spend a great deal of time looking on the negative side of life rather than the positive.

Marilyn Daugherty

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