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Bible Study Discussion

I Almost Slipped!

March 17, 1997

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Bible Study Questions

  1. What sin is raging in the church right now, causing the fall of multitudes of Christians?

  2. Why is life so hard when I only do what is right?

  3. In the midst of our crises, we cannot allow _______ to take root!

  4. What did Jesus do in His most trying hour? (Luke 23:46)

  5. TRUE OR FALSE: There is no way out of our grief, sorrow or any other problem unless we come to the point where we can say, "I will not allow this questioning to go on."

  6. Who in the Bible nearly slipped? (Psalm 73:2)

  7. What was Asaph's sin?

  8. Is it a sin to charge God with neglect and injustice?

  9. Have you ever found yourself saying, "I have been stricken violently with trouble! Every morning I wake up touched by sorrow, pain and grief. Every day I am being beaten down. I feel I'm being punished. It's too painful even to talk about!" (Psalm 73:14-16)

  10. Doesn't God balance his books?

  11. Doesn't he see what's going on here?

  12. Isn't the Lord aware of the disparity between his suffering, righteous children and the prosperous wicked?

  13. Have you ever wondered why blessings are heaped on people who live like devils?

  14. TRUE OR FALSE: If we give everything to God, we should have a clear path to glory; nothing should get in our way -- no suffering and no trials.

  15. Have you ever gone through a time when every day you rose with a cloud hanging over your head?

  16. Where is the point of danger, where the slipping begins?

  17. Have you ever thought, "What's the use of going on?"

  18. When do you need to guard your heart against slipping?

  19. Have you ever asked, "Why, God? How could you allow this? That person is so holy, so righteous! Why didn't this happen to somebody else?"

  20. What kind of innocent sounding thinking represents the very bring of the pit of unbelief?

  21. How do you react when all your plans and dreams blow up in your face?

  22. What did Asaph finally conclude?

  23. Where must you go when your time of grief, sorrow, or suffering comes?

  24. Should you ever be envious of the wicked?

  25. When did Asaph finally begin to see the whole picture?

  26. When did Asaph come into true rest?

  27. Have you been believing Satan's lie that God can't keep you?

  28. Have you been testifying of God's strength in your life?

  29. Have you been thinking the devil has more power than the God who abides in you?

  30. Get your eyes off ___________.

  31. Put your eyes on _______ ___________ -- ____ _____ __________!

  32. Will God always tell you a reason for everything He allows in your life?

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