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Bible Study Discussion

A Conspiracy of Interruptions!

April 28, 1997

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Bible Study Questions

  1. What is the one conspiracy that concerns our heavenly father?

  2. What does the devil fear?

  3. What kind of soul will become the central focus of Satan's conspiracy of interruptions?

  4. How does the devil keep believers out of this fearsome, secret closet of prayer?

  5. COMPLETE THIS SENTENCE: The devil seeks to interrupt a believer's every attempt to enter ___ __________ ___ _____.

  6. Have you ever felt torn between your call to prayer and your compassion for hurting people?

  7. Could anyone or anything ever be more important to us than our Lord?

  8. Is there any need or hurt that could ever be more important to us than Christ himself?

  9. COMPLETE THIS SENTENCE: A time has to come in every Christian's life when he looks at all the hurting, troubled people making demands on him -- including his family -- and say, "______ _______ ___ ______!"

  10. Our flesh is in league with whom?

  11. When should our praying be done?

  12. To what two things did the apostles pledged themselves? (Acts 6:4)

  13. What were the results? (Acts 6:7)

  14. What is one of the main reasons many Christians are falling away from the faith?

  15. What causes children to become prey to demonic seductions?

  16. Where are Christian parents who have the courage to take authority over the conspiracy in their living room -- and turn off their TV long enough to hear the Lord in prayer?

  17. What is the solution?

  18. What three steps can you follow to guard your prayer time and withstand all satanic conspiracies?

  19. What is the most effective work for God that you will ever do?

  20. When are you hiding your face from God? (Isaiah 53:3)

  21. Will you mortify your flesh today, and return to the secret closet of communion?

  22. Will you give up wasteful, worldly hours in front of your TV, in order to gain what nothing on this earth can give you?

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