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Bible Study Discussion

Have You Seen the Father Yet?

January 12, 1997

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Bible Study Questions

  1. For what purpose, besides redemption, did Christ come to the earth?

  2. Who sent Christ to the earth? Give scriptural proof.

  3. Where did Christ go when He left the earth? Again, give scriptural proof.

  4. How can a Christian end all his inner striving?

  5. What sermon was Christ preaching through everything He did?

  6. What was more painful to Jesus than being rejected and misunderstood by the unbelieving Jews?

  7. What causes us to be downcast when the enemy comes against us?

  8. Why do we despair over financial burdens that seem overwhelming?

  9. What causes us to struggle for victory over a besetting sin?

  10. Jesus' whole life was the human expression of what?

  11. Why does Jesus say the Holy Spirit will bring all things to our memory?

  12. Why are some Christians constantly overcome with fear?

  13. Why are some Christians always despondent?

  14. Why do some Christians wallow in guilt, afraid they will never have the victory over sin?

  15. Why do some Christians fear losing their job, their health, their family?

  16. Why do some Christians have no peace, joy or rest?

  17. What three things has Jesus revealed about the Heavenly Father?

  18. Have you seen the Father yet?

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Date: Mon, 03 Feb 1997
From: Elisabeth Forsberg
Subject: For what purpose, besides redemption did Jesus come?

I believe Jesus' main purpose was redemption or reconciliation. However, Jesus talks often about the kingdom, and about revealing the Father (God) to us. I dont think the Gospel can be understood, if the kingdom thought isnt understood. Through Christ do we know God and only through Him can we know God. So besides His redemptive work, He came to establish His kingdom and reveal God to us.

Elisabeth Forsberg

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