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Bible Study Discussion

The Death of Compassion!

February 3, 1997

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Bible Study Questions

  1. Gather a few tragic stories from your local newspaper that have happened over the past few months.

  2. During his time on the earth, Jesus was the embodiment of God's ______________.

  3. Scripture frequently says Christ was "moved with _____________" by the suffering of people.

  4. What does compassion mean?

  5. At one point, he departed into the wilderness to pray. When the multitudes discovered his whereabouts, they followed him by foot from all the surrounding towns. In desperation, they brought him their lame, their blind, their dying, their demon-possessed. What did Jesus do?

  6. Did Jesus have pity toward them?

  7. Did He have sympathy?

  8. What is the last hope for humankind?

  9. Should we pray for revival, hold all-night prayer meetings -- and simply step over the homeless lying right outside our church doors?

  10. Compassion cannot be only sympathy and pity. What else must it be?

  11. What question does compassion ask?

  12. What kind of outpouring should we pray for in our churches?

  13. What is the church doing about the problems of our day?

  14. What has captured our attention and energies?

  15. How can you produce a mighty miracle, a great sign to all unbelievers?

  16. Would you be willing to take in a single mother and give her your extra bedroom for three months? Or simply let her sleep on your couch?

  17. Would you feed her while she looks for an apartment?

  18. Would you minister to her?

  19. Would you lift her out of the pit of despair?

  20. Would doing this constitute a miracle?

  21. Would it be considered a sign, a wonder?

  22. On what condition does the Lord promise to guide you continually?

  23. Why is the church so downhearted?

  24. Why aren't shepherds teaching their people to reach out to human needs, so that when the needy come to church they'll find a well-watered garden, a deep source springing up?

  25. On what does God want us to focus?

  26. What prayer can I pray that will change me to a Christian filled with compassion?

  27. Are you filled with your own problems?

  28. Are you lonely? What could you do to cure your loneliness?

  29. Do you need a friend? What could you do to cure that longing?

  30. What can I do that will cause God to send needs to my doorstep?

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